About Us

We're a digital marketing and web design agency in Devon. With over 15 years of experience, our aim is to use our creativity, expertise and personality to help your business grow.

We like to keep things simple

For the past 15 years we've been working in the digital marketing and web design industries, helping small businesses with big aspirations.

We like entrepreneurs

Our clients are typically entrepreneurial workaholics who need some help. Time and again we meet with business owners who have reached a point of saturation, that's where we come in.

We love results

Nothing makes us happier than helping move a business on to the next level. From launching a new website to ongoing monthly support, we invest ourselves in our clients businesses so that their success, is ours to enjoy as well.

Our approach

We're interested in a long-term relationship

Our approach to has always relied on honesty and no-nonsense. We believe in treating every client as if they were the last bridge in town. We want to form lasting relationships and to do that we know we have to do a great job. To that end, we're yet to have a client who has said they would not use Upsite again in the future.

Devon coastline

We're in Devon

Some of us were born in the West Country, others followed their hearts here

Either way, the Upsite team ended up in Devon and we love it here. In recent years we've witnessed an explosion of local start-ups doing brilliant things here in Devon. It feels like the county is really waking up to it's fantastical potential for local produce, outdoor pursuits and a tourist hotspot.

We have hubs in North Devon and South Devon, allowing us to work efficiently with businesses throughout the region.

Charity support

Supporting local charities is something we're passionate about

We're not in it for the fame or riches. If we can get out for walks with our families, enjoy a local ale or two and keep a roof over our heads, then we're pretty happy with our lot. To that end, we've always wanted to be able to help support good causes with any extra money we make.

We're proud to be associated with some of the charities that do such incredible work here in Devon and are proud supporters of the North Devon Hospice, The Plough Arts Centre and Families for Children.