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We combine expert knowledge with in-depth research to plan and implement ecommerce SEO strategies that work for our clients. With a proven track record of helping our clients sell more products online, talk to Upsite about your ecommerce SEO today.

Results driven ecommerce SEO services to get your products noticed

In an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, getting your products found online takes planning, research and investment. The beauty of the internet is that it opens businesses up to huge audiences, many of whom will be looking for your exact product; the challenge is making sure they find it on your website above anyone else's.

Over the past decade, we’ve helped clients outsmart their competition with science-based ecommerce SEO services that perfectly align their products with the right audience. By really getting to know businesses and their products, we ensure that our solutions deliver in-market customers who are actively shopping for the exact item our clients are selling.

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Upsite's ecommerce SEO strategy helped Weaver Green increase website sales revenue by 1,086% in three years.

Our ecommerce SEO services

Ecommerce SEO audit

We start by auditing your website both through the eyes of a user and a search engine. We check for page speed, usability, technical health problems and existing optimisation to identify what might be preventing you from ranking on Google and major search engines.

Keyword and customer research

A period of discovery work allows us to better understand your customer base and target audience. We take the information you provide and cross-reference it with our research to create an extensive list of the keywords that your customers are using.

Ecommerce SEO strategy

We feedback our short and long-term strategies to help improve your search engine rankings, website traffic and conversions. We outline quick-win opportunities and more substantial, evergreen work to improve the visibility of your products and increase revenue.

Product page SEO

We optimise the products on your website to give them the best chance of being found organically. We make sure that your products are tailored to the right audience in a way that is easy for search engines to read and understand.

Category page SEO

Getting the category structure of your website right is a key part of our approach to SEO for ecommerce sites. Using our knowledge of your products and keyword research, we help create a new site architecture with easy to use, fully optimised category pages.

User experience

Search engine ranking factors are becoming increasingly complex, with UX (user experience) now an important piece of the SEO puzzle. We use tracking tools and analytics reporting to optimise customer experience and improve your conversion rate.

Content creation

We optimise and plan content sitewide to ensure you are making the most of every opportunity. From landing pages to blog content, we’ll ensure that your website becomes authoritative, expert and trustworthy, helping to improve trust in your brand and products.

Delivering ecommerce results for Freshskin Beauty

Based on Wordpress and WooCommerce, Upsite developed a responsive ecommerce website solution for Freshskin Beauty - a large B2C and B2B retailer of natural health and beauty products.

Our ecommerce strategy, SEO work, digital marketing and support has delivered fantastic results. Since launch:

  • 313% increase in traffic
  • 369% increase in revenue
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Why is ecommerce SEO important?

Setting up an ecommerce website and adding your products isn’t enough. In such a crowded marketplace, it’s essential to do all you can to help your products stand out from the competition. In the online world, that means appearing at the top of Google and other search engine results pages.

There are proven strategies to help improve the visibility of your products online that 90% of your competition won’t be utilising. By working with an ecommerce SEO agency like Upsite, you can get an immediate advantage over the competition while investing in the long term success of your online store.

Weaver Green

"Upsite have made a huge difference to our web sales, increasing our visibility online, and vastly improving the look, feel and functionality of our website. John and Tim are easy to work with, professional and speak in a language that is easy to understand. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will be working closely with them to develop our online business going forward."

Barney Green, Owner, Weaver Green

What are the key benefits of ecommerce SEO?

Better visibility

Get your products found more easily on search engines

Quality traffic

Deliver the right people to your product pages

Increased sales

More high-quality traffic inevitably leads to better sales

Brand awareness

A stronger web presence will help get your brand recognised

Advanced insight

Know who your customers are and what they are looking for

Long-term ROI

Evergreen solutions that offer an accumulative return of investment

Why trust us with your ecommerce SEO?


With years of experience, a wealth of expert knowledge and a great track record, we pride ourselves on creating great relationships with our clients. More than just a faceless ecommerce SEO agency, we take time to really get to know you, your business and your goals so that we can work together to help you achieve them.


We’re an approved Google Partner agency, working with premium tools and software to gain industry insights that give our clients an edge. We’re also Shopify Partners, WooCommerce experts, and have experience of other ecommerce platforms.


Our ecommerce SEO services provide tangible results that we feed back via monthly rankings reports and performance data. Over time, we can show you exactly how our work has made a difference to the visibility of your products, your website’s conversion rate and most importantly to your sales revenue.

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To book an ecommerce SEO audit or to learn more about how SEO can improve your ecommerce site, contact us today.

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