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Revenue from every £1 PPC spend

Weaver Green

"Upsite have made a huge difference to our web sales, increasing our visibility online, and vastly improving the look, feel and functionality of our website. John and Tim are easy to work with, professional and speak in a language that is easy to understand. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will be working closely with them to develop our online business going forward."

Barney Green, Owner, Weaver Green

We started working with Weaver Green over 3 years ago after they first approached Upsite with ambitions to grow direct sales from their website. Based in South Devon, Weaver Green had found a way to create beautiful rugs and soft furnishings out of recycled plastic bottles. With a fantastic product but limited brand exposure, we were excited by the opportunities to help this eco-minded business grow.

What they were looking for

Weaver Green had recently invested in a new website however online sales were slow and most of their business was coming from trade stockists and online-marketplaces, significantly reducing their margins. Weaver Green initially asked Upsite to review their existing website to discover whether there were opportunities to improve customer experience and search engine rankings, before discussing additional methods of increasing brand awareness and direct sales.

The discovery phase

Our initial work highlighted the size of the opportunity that was available to Weaver Green. Their products are not just eco-friendly, but also practical and stylish, meaning there was an realistic chance of competing with other rug and textile businesses on multiple fronts.

The site was severely unoptimised and a subsequent lack of visibility on Google, and other leading search engines, meant traffic was low. We also found that navigation around the website was sometimes confusing with significant opportunities to improve the checkout process and encourage multi-product purchases.

Our keyword research highlighted a large number of relevant search terms that Weaver Green could rank for with an ongoing commitment to SEO.

What we did

An intensive period of website optimisation included content creation for all of Weaver Green's products, a rebuild of their core landing pages, the introduction of several new content-rich pages and targeted collections, as well as site-wide optimisation of images, content and metadata.

We also streamlined the sales funnel, simplifying the checkout process and making it easier for customers to shop and get the information they required quickly.

With the website in good health and rankings improving we started small scale brand PPC campaigns on Google Ads to reclaim leaked traffic that was being lost to competitors. Over time we grew their pay per click advertising, successfully introducing new channels including Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads.

Over a small period of time we have helped Weaver Green grow their brand, reclaim direct sales and expand their product lines.


We continue to work with Weaver Green, over three years on from our first discovery session with the business owners. As they have grown, so has our involvement in their online activities, proof enough for us that they have been pleased with our results.

  • 124 high-volume keyword rankings in the top 10 positions on Google
  • Full-service support of all digital marketing activities
  • Sustained revenue growth across all digital channels including organic, paid and social media
  • Launch of the Weaver Green Australia brand and website


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