Weaver Green

SEO and Ecommerce

How it all started

Weaver Green are a South Devon based business at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to the world’s burgeoning plastic problem. Using only disused plastic bottles, they have found a way to create practical and stylish home textile products which look and feel amazing, yet offer a myriad of amazing credentials.

As a business experiencing rapid growth, Weaver Green quickly reached the limits of what they could achieve in house and turned to Upsite to help them move their business on to the next level.

What they were looking for

Weaver Green had recently invested in a new website however online sales were slow and most of their business was coming from trade stockists, significantly reducing their margins. They were resigned to the fact that they may have to invest in another site redesign and asked us to take a look at their existing web presence, as well as behind the scenes, to see if there was anything we could do to help move things forward.

Most importantly, having already spent a hefty chunk on their website, the client were determined to get the best possible return on any further investment.

The discovery phase

We got the ball rolling with a thorough discovery process that began with a review of behaviour on the existing website. The initial signs were promising with conversion rates at an acceptable level and, as we dug a little deeper to explore how the site was ranking, we soon realised that a lack of visibility and traffic was the real issue. Despite having a great product and brilliant environmental credentials, the website simply wasn’t being found.

Our research tools allowed us to identify a number of high volume keyword search terms that were being missed by a lack of search engine optimisation on Weaver Green’s existing site. We were also confident that some tweaks to the existing design, a reorganisation of the navigation and a few improvements to the buying process would be enough to make a big impact on the websites performance.

What we did

The great news for Weaver Green was that they didn’t need a new website. Instead, we could work with them on an intensive SEO plan to get their site ranking where it should be.

We performed site-wide optimisation, streamlined the sales funnel, improved the look and feel of the website and improved the usability of the shop. We set up a small scale PPC campaign to take back traffic that was being lost on brand related searches. We also committed to an ongoing process of content creation, as well as various site developments that would continue to improve where the website appears on various search engines.


Just 6 months after Weaver Green had initially approached Upsite, they were already experiencing some incredible results:



Organic traffic







The Upsite and Weaver Green optimisation story is still going strong. The company are finally getting the visibility their products deserve, largely thanks to a significant improvement in their search engine rankings that has come about since we began working together. We’ve got big plans for the next stage of their journey and are looking forward to playing a small part in the challenge of cleaning up some of the world’s single use plastic.